Big Data Developer

We are looking for an experienced Big Data Engineer to join our backend team.

Job Description

* Lead key product enhancements, be a focal point for the right development solutions to address the requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, testability, and scalability
* Be involved in all key technology and methodological aspects of development and testing
* Drive new technologies and frameworks extending capacity & effectiveness of teams, capacity & scalability of the product, in both server and client-si


* +6 years of experience in the software development
* Experience with Big Data technologies such as Kafka and NoSQL databases
* Understanding System engineering and architecture, proven experience in scale and System redundancy
* Experience in high-capacity and high-reliability products in multiple development languages
* 2+ years of proven JAVA coding experience
* Experience delivering systems operated globally
* Experience in the Cyber Security industry – Advantage

מספר משרה: 6866

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