Data Sicentist Engineer


We’re looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our DS and ML team and
play a major role in solving challenging intelligence problems. The ideal
candidate is a true data science passionate, with a strong background and
excellent capabilities in the full machine learning spectrum: business
understanding, research, data discovery and exploration, feature engineering,
modeling, testing, deployment, and monitoring and maintenance. This person
will have access to enormous amounts of classified data and will be
responsible for researching and developing the next generation technologies.
This person will try to solve some of the most challenging problems for the
intelligence community, and if succeeded – will make an unforgettable impact.


* 3+ years experience working as a Data Scientist
* BSc in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent quantitative field
* Hands-on experience in model development, production-grade implementation, and performance monitoring.
* Data analysis background
* Excellent Python and SQL skills
* The ability to understand, utilize and innovate on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling
* Experienced with evaluating, testing, and implementing internal and external data sources
* Engineering background and ability to deploy ML solutions in production
* Advantage- MSc/PhD in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent quantitative field
* Advantage- Strong ML/DL knowledge + experience in solving classification tasks using these methods
* Advantage- Tier 2 security clearance

מספר משרה: 8852

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