Frontend Developer – Velo by Wix

Join Wix’s Velo team. Our goal is to make Wix the number one choice when
building complex web apps. Our product has a local IDE, real Git integration,
tests, app lifecycle and much much more. We’ve only begun to scratch the

We’re constantly dealing with hard but satisfying problems as we’re improving
the experience for professional developers. We love open source projects and
we’re working a lot with the Monaco Editor which powers VS Code.

As a Frontend Developer on our team, you’ll help us build Wix’s future
infrastructure and web development capabilities.

What You’ll Do

* Write quality code using Typescript, React and Jest
* Own your code end to end. This means every aspect, starting from the design phase all the way through coding, building, deploying, and monitoring it after production

What we’re looking for

* 1.5+ years of experience as a Frontend Developer, preferably working on web products
* Programming experience in Typescript or JS
* Familiarity with technologies and languages such as AWS, Node, Jenkins, Jest, Jasmine and Protractor

To succeed in this role you’ll need to be passionate about coding, quality and
product. You also need to be hands-on and unafraid of challenges. Finally,
we’re looking for people with good people skills since our group is at the
intersection of many other groups and products within Wix.

Being a Frontend Developer at Wix

Our development culture embraces cutting-edge technologies, performance and
clean code for our highly scalable systems. We follow Agile work methods and
use continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies to run
quickly while maintaining the high quality of our products.

Our Frontend Developers Enjoy

* Being part of Wix’s Frontend Engineering Guild – belonging to a professional community that is dedicated to your success and personal growth
* Ongoing training, workshops and time to learn and work on cross-company projects
* Contribution to Open Source projects
* Collaboration with teams and engineers from Wix offices around the world

By applying to this position, you’ll be automatically considered for other
engineering openings at Wix. We’ll be minded to your preference, but we may
end up offering you other opportunities that seem to us like a good fit.

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