Frontend Developer

About us

agmatix is an innovative Agri-tech company and everything we build is designed
to empower the entire agricultural community to yield higher, better, and
faster – in a sustainable way.

Our goal is to lead the next agricultural revolution, by utilizing data and
providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to tackle agriculture’s
biggest global challenges.

We are looking for a passionate frontend developer able to join the
CropAdvisor team and building the largest scientific-based agricultural data
hub in the world.


* Develop Vue.js + TypeScript applications with respect to RWD/SPA/PWA.
* Be responsible for front-end implementation of complete features, prototypes, and products.
* Collaborate with Product Designers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers to deliver amazing user-facing products.
* Work closely with business teams to collect product feedback and think of innovative ways to solve problems, address customer needs and drive product adoption.

The checklist

* 2+ years of experience with SaaS frontend development of Web applications using Vue.js.
* Knowledge in HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript.
* Knowledge of UI/UX best practices and a passion for UX.
* Experience working with REST APIs and backend integration.
* Proactive by nature; internal drive for excellence and improvement.
* Creative, out-of-the-box thinking.
* Great interpersonal relations, team player.


* Experience with Front-end testing framework and practices.
* Experience developing with TypeScript
* Experience working in agile methodology.
* Experience with frontend unit tests and CI/CD processes.

The goods

* The fast-growing startup, not too big to have fun and enjoy ourselves.
* Located in Sapir tower Ramat gan, near Merkaz train station.
* Our perks – 10bis, happy hours, PlayStation, gym membership, and parking.
* We believe in quality work while maintaining a work-home balance.
* There is some agronomic geek stuff but it’s all for the greater good 🙂

מספר משרה: 6025

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