Security Data Analyst

Guardio is a Cyber Security startup, developing tools and products to combat
modern web and browser threats, stepping in where traditional protections
fail. We offer a subscription-based browser extension that protects over 500k
users from malvertising, phishing, scams, malicious extensions, and other web-
based threats.

Our team blends deep Cyber Security expertise, product, and performance
marketing to bring cyber protection to as many individuals and organizations
as possible, all while providing a private and friendly user experience.

We are seeking a Security Data Analyst to join Guardio's core security squad,
working closely with R&D, Support, and Product groups.

You will:

* Utilize cutting edge, big data technologies to analyze and block malicious actors operating on the web.
* Maintain, monitor, and tweak detection heuristics on a daily basis across multiple disciplines (malicious extensions, websites, etc.).
* Research and improve novel methods of detection and prevention of modern browser-based threats, expanding on capabilities provided by browsers and browser extensions.
* Report to and engage directly with Guardio's R&D team.

Who we are looking for:

* 2+ years of work experience in complex analysis using SQL.
* Good grasp of networking, internet, and how modern web browsers function (HTTP, DNS, HTML, etc.).
* Basic programming knowledge in client-side Javascript.
* Great English communication skills (writing + verbal).
* Understanding of the web cyber-security landscape, vulnerabilities, and attack surfaces – BONUS
* Experience using Python – BONUS

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